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All About Ben Martin Elementary School

Ben Martin Elementary was built in 1966 on twenty-four acres of land purchased for the school site from the Currie estate. Originally named Reilly Road Elementary, our school was renamed in 1984 in honor of Benjamin J. Martin, the first principal of the school.

Located approximately one half mile south of Fort Bragg and three miles from Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall, our school serves elementary students in the Westover High School attendance area. Neighborhoods include LaGrange, Summerhill, Morganton Place, Stewart’s Creek, Glen Reilly and Four Seasons. Our proximity to Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Force Base results in a diverse population which affords many learning opportunities.

Martin Elementary has an up-to-date “high tech” media center, a computer lab, and the classrooms are wired for computers and networked. All classrooms have at least two computers, one printer and internet access. Additional resource classes provide specialists to teach art, music, physical education, and guidance on a weekly basis.

There are 29 regular classes from Kindergarten to 5th Grade and two Pre-Kindergarten class. K thru 2 Teacher Assistants and additional instructional support personnel are an integral part of our total educational program.

Our school has an active parent participation component as well as committed community involvement to include enthusiastic partnerships with area businesses and our surrounding community.

High administrative support provides our teachers with cutting edge knowledge and skill that enhances the teaching and learning process.

Tiger pride is felt throughout our campus as students, parents and staff strive to become “Accelerated to Success”.

 Ben Martin Tiger’s ROAR

Ben Martin Tigers are excited and ready to learn! Ben Martin has a new reading tool that everyone is excited about. All students will now be able to take AR tests on more books than ever before. The School has subscribed to a web based test program. That means that about 80% of the books in the media center have an AR Test to accompany them. In addition to the regular practice tests, students will also be able to take vocabulary and literacy test about the book they read.

There are two web sites that you and your child can access from home to help him or her select an AR book. First, has a listing of all the books in the Ben Martin Media Center. Second, has a listing of all AR tests. The students are learning to first find a book from Destiny web site, then to look on the Book Find web site to determine if a test has been made. The site will also have the book’s reading level and the number of points awarded for getting all questions correct.

If your child wants to read a book that does not have an AR test, he/she can read the book and complete a mini book report to earn points. The main point is to keep our children reading. Have your child ask his/her teacher for the mini book report form when needed.

We ask that you please remember that students must meet their goal and maintain an 85% average to receive their AR ribbon and reward for each 9 weeks.

 If you have any questions about testing please contact your child’s teacher.


 1. Your child will check out an Accelerated Reader book at his or her level from our library or public library. (The classroom teacher will assign the child a level, based on results of the STAR test which will be taken at school in the computer lab or classroom.)
2.  Your child will only be able to test books within their reading level (ZPD). If a test is below the child’s ZPD, the test will be deleted.
3.  The media center will issue your child a reading folder. Your child will use this folder every time they  go to the media center to check out a book.
4. After the book is read, your child will record the book on his or her reading log, which will be inside of the reading folder. See your child’s teacher for classroom procedures before taking an AR Test.
5.  Children will record the test score in the log and return the book to the library, and start the procedure again.
6.  Children who meet their AR point goal for the 9 weeks will be honored at the Award’s Assembly.

 Accelerated Reading Website! 

Username: Student ID#
Password: Date of Birth
(example Jan. 20, 2000: 012000)                  

Curriculum and Instruction

Effective Schools | Standard Course of Study | Character Education | Cooperative Learning | DAP | Critical Thinking | Multiple Intelligences | Thinking Maps | Title I | Collaborative Teaching

 Accelerated Schools
Our primary goal is to provide the best possible education for all students through the assurance of Accelerated School practices as our core value. Governed by a Building Leadership Team our school promotes site-based management concepts that focus on the following:
Principles of Accelerated Schools

  • Unity of Purpose

  • Empowerment Coupled with Responsibility

  • Building on Strengths

Parents, community, and staff unite to work collaboratively for the benefit of our students at Ben Martin Elementary.

Powerful Learning
In Accelerated Schools, the best of what we know about education is shared with all students.  Teachers work together to transform every classroom into a Powerful Learning environment.  Teachers integrate all subject areas with relevant and interesting themes.  Students are encouraged to think creatively and explore their interests.  Accelerated Schools build upon every child’s natural curiosity, encouraging students to learn by exploration and discovery.

Standard Course of Study

Ben Martin Elementary School strives to meet the subject or skills areas included in the NC Standard Course of Study. Our implementation encourages the development of the following areas: arts education, English language arts, guidance, healthful living, mathematics, science and social studies. The focus is based on recent research on how students learn. Our efforts emphasize thinking skills and problem solving rather than the memorization and recall of information. The curriculum promotes integration through the identification of common skills and processes.
Character Education
We take pride in joining with parents and our community to promote good character and citizenship in our school. Through well planned lessons and activities the school is developing a climate of respect and responsibility to integrity, caring, self-discipline, trust-worthiness, fairness and citizenship. The message of good character is shared monthly as we focus on the 8 character goals. We end our year with a huge celebration of character in May.
 Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning is an instructional strategy designed to foster academic and social skills through team interactions. The four basic principles of cooperative learning are simultaneous interaction, equal participation, positive interdependence and individual accountability of the learner. Cooperative learning fosters higher achievement, increased retention, greater use of higher level reasoning, high self-esteem, improved social skills and more on-task behavior from students.
Developmentally Appropriate Practices are implemented at Ben J. Martin Accelerated Learning Academy in grades K-5. DAP focuses on a curriculum that is enriched by concrete, hands-on learning experiences and activities. Resources used to enhance learning are relevant to students’ life experiences and correct level of development. Cooperative learning and learning centers are two of the strategies often used to ensure that these concepts are being explored in a developmentally appropriate manner.
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking promotes higher level thinking skills. Our school is a pilot site in Cumberland County, beginning in 1992, for the Art Costa training “School as a Home for the Mind.” We continue to implement this learning through intelligent behavior and thinking maps, that encourage decision-making creativity, and problem-solving. Our goal is to make learning meaningful for the learner.
Multiple Intelligences
The emphasis of our professional growth this year at Benjamin J. Martin Accelerated Learning Academy  has been multiple intelligences. By focusing on how children “are smart” not “are you smart”, the various intelligences of students are enhanced.
The seven multiple intelligences are:
  • Verbal/Linguistic

  • Musical/Rhythmic

  • Logical/Mathematical

  • Interpersonal

  • Visual/Spatial

  • Intrapersonal

  • Bodily/Kinesthetic

Thinking Maps
Benjamin J. Martin Accelerated Learning Academy prides itself as a “Thinking Maps” school. Thinking maps create a common visual language for learning. These eight maps are tied to a specific thought process and help students to organize their thoughts for retention of information.
Title I
Title I staff members work collaboratively with grade level teachers to create hands-on extra support activities that promote learning. Specific objectives and small groups are the focus of our flow room. Students are able to receive extra help which strengthens the understanding of difficult or newly learned material.

Collaborative Teaching

he third and fifth grade classes use a team concept in order to enhance the curriculum. Teachers concentrate on a specific content area, exemplifying expert teaching. Goals are reached through collaborative planning, thematic units, and group evaluation. Students are better prepared to independently focus on three areas of concentration – reading, writing and math, thus making the transition to middle school more effective.

Published by Mary Dawson on August 21, 2015

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