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Cartoon image of the Elementary Battle of the Books Logo with books thinking at the table at competetionStudents read county-selected books and compete against other elementary schools within the county. Participants are asked, “In which book…..” The team that knows the most about the elements of each selected book is deemed the winner.  The students prepare for competition along with Mrs. Fikes and Ms. Hoggard.





Image of multi-cultural children's hands holding up a clay globe


Students apply to be members of the Green Team.  They patrol the school and help us reduce, reuse, and recycle.  They can help be a reminder to our students and staff to turn off lights as they leave a room and to recycle items from their classrooms. This is a great way to get students involved in maintaining our Go Green Certification.




Photo of fingers stacking colorful Legos


Students work with teachers after school to build and program a Lego robot to perform various functions.  This Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activity promotes higher order thinking skills while allowing students to explore engineering at the elementary level.




Photo of a young male student wearing a yellow vest in Crosswalk holding a stop sign for traffic

Safety Patrol is open to 5th grade students only.  The major responsibility of our Safety Patrol is to model appropriate behavior to other students, wear a smile, and be helpful to everyone at school.  They do this by monitoring the hallways for safe traveling from the others students and to help raise the flags each morning.  Every nine weeks a new group of 5th grade students is chosen for this honor.  They implement their duties with the guidance of Mrs. Gray.




Image of a red "Class Rep" Button with gold lettering


A Student Government Association representative is elected from each classroom. Each November, the officers are elected by the student body using the voting process.  These students are responsible for helping voice the students’ recommendations for improvements for the overall success of the school.




Image of a young girl singing for a performance The Benjamin J. Martin Elementary School Show Choir is a high energy performance group of fifty talented fourth and fifth grade students.  The group performs choreographed programs at school community functions throughout the school year.  Our Show Choir serves as goodwill ambassadors, promoting education and character at its best from Benjamin J. Martin Elementary.  The choir performs under the direction of Mrs. Sneed.




Photo of a white Student Council voting table with a white sign saying "Vote for President"

Our Student Council is comprised of officers that consist of a 3rd grade Secretary, a 4th grade Vice-President, and a 5th grade President.  Students meet monthly with Mr. Caudle to identify areas of school improvement and determine activities for the school year.





Image of red "Peer Mentors" sign, captioning, "Guiding, Leading, Being"



SGA officers are trained to serve as peer mentors.  This program helps our students enable themselves to be positive role models for their fellow students.




Image of male student wearing a suit reading the newspaper

Tiger News Network is a group of 4th and 5th graders who are responsible for collecting and reporting information to the whole school.  Each morning at 7:45 a.m. on closed-circuit television, a team reports news, announcements, and events for the day.  The students work under the guidance of Mrs. Fikes.

Published by Angel Hoggard on February 4, 2019