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Aceves, Sandra Medicine Clerk
Caudle, Donald Principal
Dillon, Kathy Registrar
Fields, Laura Assistant Principal
LaFontaine, Amy Data Manager
Smithling, Shanny Bookkeeper
Burns, Kimberly Teacher
Santee, Jessica Teacher Assistant
McRaven, Chetina EC Teacher
Willis, Sharon EC Teacher Assistant
Bailey, Lorna Teacher Assistant
Clements, Roscelyn Teacher
Crowe, Dannett Teacher
David, Andria Teacher
Dunn, Brenda Teacher Assistant
Martinez, Clari Teacher Assistant 
Meoni, Sarah Teacher
Morgan, Dee Teacher Assistant
Parks, Berlivia Teacher
Williams, Shioban Teacher Assistant
1st Grade
Baggett, Tammy Teacher Assistant
Cox, Michael Teacher Assistant
Klingenschmidt,Rebecca Teacher
Patnode, Carolyn Teacher
Russell, Dean Teacher Assistant
Soto, Debbie Teacher
Thompson, Jessica Teacher
Webb-Brown, Simone Teacher
2nd Grade
Bradley, Emily Teacher
Corbin, Michelle Teacher
Hubbard, Jeanette Teacher
Lanford, Catherine Teacher
Pearson, Sharonda Teacher 
3rd Grade
Anderson, Sanya Teacher
Barbee, Stephanie Teacher
Cox, Suzanne Teacher 
Fokes, Darla Teacher
Greenley, Laura Teacher
Wilson, Nicole Teacher Assistant
4th Grade
Hartman, Shaylene Teacher
Jones, Rachel Teacher
Melvin, Mariana Teacher
Smith, Debra Teacher
Taylor, Theresa Teacher
5th Grade
Fields, Joy Teacher
Hughes, Jasmine Teacher
Jones, Doris Teacher
Martyak, Laura Teacher
Merrick, Bam Teacher Assistant
ID Moderate Class
Bryant, Dymon Teacher ID Mod K-2
Campbell, Jason Teacher Assistant ID Mod K-2
Hutchinson, Aretha Teacher Assistant EC
Moon, Elizabeth Teacher ID Mod 3-5
Spradling, Maryanne 1:1 Support Assistant
Washington, Lakia Teacher Assistant ID Mod 3-5
SED Class
Bradford, Mary Teacher Assistant SED K-2
Cameron, Angela Teacher Assistant SED 3-5
Lewis, Timothy Teacher Assistant SED 3-5
Sly, Billy Teacher SED 3-5
Wright, Rosaetti Teacher SED K-2
Resource Staff
Austin, Diane Guidance
Baker, Tina Instructional Coach, Math
Bandalan, Sabina Speech TA
Blashford, Lauren AIG Discovery
Brookhouse, Jennifer Speech
Bryson, Sherry AIG
Ellis, Cheryl SED-R Teacher/Behavior Coach 
Fay, Debra EC Case Manager
Fikes, Cadetrus Media Coordinator
Frazier, Pamela SLD Teacher
Gray, Lisa Art Teacher
Hoggard, Angel Computer Lab 
Martin, Beverly Remediation Teacher – 5th
McLean, Bill Remediation Teacher – 5th
McMillan, Patricia Teacher Assistant
Melvin, Barbara Instructional Coach, Literacy
Mitchell, Rico PE
Nevels, Hannah ESL 
Northe, Lillian Remediation Teacher – 3rd
Rawls, Lori School Social Worker
Sneed, Wendy Music
Thompson, Michelle School Nurse
Williams, Latrice SLD Teacher
Cafeteria Staff
Burney, Yvonne Cafeteria Worker
Cross, Anabel Cafeteria Asst. Manager
Deese, Jennifer Cafeteria Worker
Diaz, Marleny Cafeteria Worker
Morales-Vasquez,Leticia Cafeteria Worker
Morris, Robert Cafeteria Worker
Cafeteria Phone Number 910.864.1898
Custodial Staff
Herring, Julius Head Custodian
McKoy, Gwendolyn Custodian
McLauchlin, Carol Custodian
Negron, Ileana Custodian
Published by Angel Hoggard on March 9, 2018
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